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Just an average mom working at home with teenage daughters, husband, and 3 dogs. I'll be writing about the past, present and future, my interests, things I love and things that make me crazy, you just never know! Every day is an interesting day, good or bad, we all learn something and I love to learn!!

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I am a work at home mom with tons if interests, married with 2 teenage daughters, dogs (labs and a chihuahua), I live in the country and there is not enough hours in my day to do all that I want to do!!

Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006 - WOW


I can't believe its 2006. Seems not long ago that alot of people were worried about the Y2K. I dont know how the time goes by so fast. ugh! Slowwwwwwwwwwww dowwwwwwwwwn!!!

I watched the ball drop on TV. It looks like it would be pretty amazing to be in NYC on New Years Eve, but I dont think I could actually stand there all day in the streets and wait like they do. I'm sure it is really awesome and something to experience though.

At least I wont wake up with a hangover. Those years of doing that are wayyyyyyyyyy behind me. We had alot of fun years ago partying and so forth then I just got to the point of realizing that I hate waking up feeling like crap!! Why put myself through that? Ohhhhhhh but I did way too many times and glad that is a thing of the past. Don't really want to elaborate on that any further!!

I was thinking as I was watching though, that there were about a million people in NYC having a great time, singing and dancing, heard John Lennons song.....oh I forget what it is called, but a line is "you can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..... and hearing NEW YORK NEW YORK by Sinatra........ just makes you think if a million people can stand and be together all day singing and dancing and having the peace that they were all feeling in celebration....why cant our whole country be like that.........every day???????

Things have changed so much in the last 30 years. Will these days now actually be "the good ol days" to someone?


Friday, December 30, 2005

10, 9 , 8 , 7, 6, 5 , 4, 3, 2, 1..... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In my earlier years we would always go out or go to someones house and party into the New Year. We no longer do that. We or at least I can speak for myself, I'm really looking forward to the NEW Year. There are many goals that I want to accomplish and it also makes me excited to know that each day is a day closer to spring!! Once Christmas is over, I dred the winter with every bit of my being and loath it to no end! But I refuse to ever move from here, so I just wait for the dreary months to go away.
I find spring and the sunshine completely motivating! The bright colors, the new growth, and it just seems like everything and everybody wakes up again!! I wish everyday was sunny and 72.
2005 wasn't a bad year. Could of been better, could of been worse. Actually it was pretty good here at home. It's everywhere else that was really hard on others. Katrina, Rita, Iraq, the never ending bad news on TV. I am not much of a TV person at all. There's MANY reasons why I dont like TV.
However, I did catch this women comedian on Comedy Central tonight. Her name is Linda...forget her last name, starts with an L. She is pretty funny talking about all the different races and literally picks on people in the audience that are black, mexican, jewish, whatever, whites too, but if you have an open mind and not take things so seriously, she can be pretty funny to listen to.
One of my favorite comdedians died this year. Mitch Hedberg. OMG, he is hilarious!!!!!!!!!! I love his kind of comedy.

2006................. looking forward to a very good year in building my business and accomplishing more things then previous years. I feel it!!! It's going to happen!!! I have many goals to reach, and I'm looking forward to the journey to each of them.

Todays Tidbit:
A clear conscience makes a soft pillow............ Make each day count!

Work at Home....... and Life

I have never done a blog before so this will be a learning process.

My name is Dawn and I am a work at home mom. We live out in the country now and have been here for almost 7 years. All the years prior, we lived in a fairly large city and.....well.... I can't even make myself ever go back there unless I ABSOLUTELY have to. When I go back there, everything looks Soooooo crowded now, run down, and just, well plain ugly! I have no clue how we lived there as long as we did. Actually, its because we didn't know any better. We seen better and knew we wanted to get away from there, but until you are actually away from such an enviroment like that, you dont realize how crazy it really is. Ok, enough on that.
I have been with my husband now almost 20 years. WOW, that really makes me sound old. Hmmmm, guess I never wrote that down before. Well, the time has completely flown and I still feel like we are just getting started!! So much we still need and want to do!!
I am licensed by the State Medical Board as a Massotherapist, but I no longer practice in that line of work. I now work from home and I LOVE it!!!!!!!
Here I am almost 40 (ugh! - again writing something that I have not wrote before) and never have I ever imagined being able to stay at home and do something that is sooooo AWESOME!
To do a job that is fun, educating, rewarding, and something that you actually can't wait to sit down and do is not something that I ever thought was possible. Day in and day out.... it is everything that a person would want. I love being at home and being able to do what I want to do and when I want to do it! How cool is that?????? And I can work in my pajamas! I am really lucky. The business is growing and eventually, I would love it so that my husband does not have to go out and work away from home either!!
All for now..........