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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Consumer Alert !!!!!!

The main focus of our business is educating others about the dangers of toxic chemicals that are in many common household products. We talk not only about the obvious risk of accidental poisoning, but also about how scientific research is now starting to link toxic household chemicals to all kinds of chronic diseases and disorders in children and adults, including ADD/ADHD, behavioral problems, neurological disorders, fertility problems, allergies, asthma and cancer just to name a few. Many of the products in your home probably contain preservatives that are known or suspected carcinogens. Of course the manufacturers aren't going to tell you this.
** The most popular baby shampoo, (JOHNSON & JOHNSON'S) on the market isn't going to tell you that their baby shampoo contains two known carcinogens, quaternium-15 which releases formaldehyde, and FD&C red #40. ** The makers of Tide and Cheer aren't going to tell you that their detergents contain six known carcinogens and have been shown to cause asthma attacks (sodium sulfate). ** Dove's Beauty Bar contains quaternium and BHT, another known carcinogen.
** Fantastic and 409 contain Butyl Cellosolve which is a neurotoxin that is easily absorbed through the skin and can damage the nervous system. Children are especially vulnerable to these chemicals.
The company we are with manufactures and markets their own exclusive, exceptional, cost effective products that are not only safer and less toxic for our families, but also don't contain harsh chemicals that pollute the environment. The primary ingredient in 80% of their more than 300 products is from the melaleuca alternifolia tree (pharmaceutical grade of tea tree oil)'s really some amazing stuff!! If you're familiar with tea tree oil, you know that it is significant because of its seven amazing's a natural antiseptic, natural fungicide, penetrating, soothing, natural solvent, aromatic and non-caustic. It replaces other chemicals found in your household products such as bleach, formaldehyde, phosphates, lye, phenols, and ammonia.
Our company's products include...... ~ personal care items ~ dental care, soap, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, sunscreen, kid's line, men's line, a new bath and body line, and much more ~ a non-toxic line of household cleaning products including laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, glass cleaner, furniture polish, tub and tile cleaner, and much, much more ~ vitamins, herbal supplements, meal replacement and activity bars, fiber bars ~ over-the-counter pharmacy including cold, allergy and sinus medication, ibuprofen, antacid, ointments, first-aid gel, kids' acetaminophen, and more ~ Nicole Miller skincare (anti-aging) and cosmetics ~ Products you already need and use everyday.
Here's an opportunity to replace all your current products with safer, healthier, less expensive products that come with a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with any won't find that at your local retail store. Shop wholesale vs. retail, non-toxic vs. toxic, and take 5 minutes to order each month and have the products delivered to your doorstep!! Over 500,000 families have made the same decision. Why? ~ products guaranteed to work better ~ products contain no cancer-causing chemicals or environmental toxins ~ products cost less per use than paying retail in the stores....offering over 300 necessity products that your family uses on a continual basis.
You are already someone else's customer, so there's no new money! We offer you SAFE and ECONOMICAL alternatives. There is also a business side if you are interested in earning an income from home.
Please contact:
Dawn Blake, Director


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