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Sunday, January 08, 2006

GOOD THINGS TO KNOW!!!!!! <-----------

First of all, we had a great time. It was a great meeting and it was fun to meet other new and older business builders. One couple has only been with Mela for 5 months now and they are already Senior Directors!!!!!!!! Kelly and Scott even shared thier paychecks with us, and thier last paycheck for one month was 13,472.00. FOR ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND GUESS WHAT????? Take TOTAL advantage of getting that additional line in your top generation. Doug Dicke (page 12 of your LIA) has 16 TOP LINE people in his first generation.

Another thing that was good to hear....and funny..... They were introducing the new people that just joined up with Mela. Doug asked this one young gentleman how he became part of Melaleuca. He looked at Doug and said "I sold you a new pair of shoes and you gave me your business card." lol

This was alot of fun, casual, huge group of very nice people and I talked to many different people about how they work thier business (including Kelly) and even people that just got started. I learned several things and these launches are something that you want to take advantage of when they are in your area!!

I also want you all to know.............. I took Austin with me (my hubby). He was up front holding the microphone at one point for Doug. Glad he could be of help. lol Anyway............ Austin is going to go through the in-home training. He told me yesterday............. "You line them up, and I'll do all the presentations!" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW COOL IS THAT ???????????????????

We learned the importance of in-homes. You guys...... if you have an in-home and invite 6, 8 or more people..... do you realize how many enrollments that could be at one time?????????????????

Doug Dicke said, he enrolled, had an in-home, became a Director and still couldn't even pronounce the name Melaleuca!

The new products are already up at the Melaleuca website!!!
Excellent products to enhance your health and help with your heart and cholesterol.
New calcium chews with the fructose compound for those preventing or fighting osteoporosis.
New beautiful spring colors of eye shadow from Nicole Millers skin care line.
New facial mask from the skin care line as well and Doug's wife said that it is awesome and doesn't make you feel like you have cement on your face. lol

Check them out!!!!

Bobby McCauhey (the one that had those 7 babies) 8 years ago. She was interviewed and told us about how the vitality vitamins helped with her pregnauncy. She was to eat 4000 calories a day to be able to keep those babies healthy. Having to eat that much made her rather sick. She started taking these vitamins and they helped her food supply and she did not have to consume that much food after all. Diane Sawyer is the one that done the story on her when the babies were born, not to mention the rest of the country. At the end, all 8 children yelled "THANK YOU MELALEUCA!!!!!!"

This business IS all about the products. Take advantage of these wonderful products for your own family and also share them with others that have not become a part of this wonderful company, yet!!!!! Remember, we are the FASTEST growing company in North America and we are also in 10 other countries, soon 11. This is not by accident or because we the business builders like to talk...... its because, Melaleuca IS an international wellness and licensed pharmacutical company that has the BEST to offer!

As I always say...... MAKE EACH DAY COUNT!


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