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I am a work at home mom with tons if interests, married with 2 teenage daughters, dogs (labs and a chihuahua), I live in the country and there is not enough hours in my day to do all that I want to do!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Goals - Surgery - Work - Life - ETC

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions.
Well, in building my business, I have reached another goal. I will be waiting for the "officia" word from the corporate office sometime within the next week or two. It's a wonderful feeling to set goals and watch them unfold. But, I made it happen. That is one of my quotes that I always say to those that I work with is to "Make it Happen"
No one else can do it for you......... you can have support and training and resources to help, but only YOU can do what it takes to accomplish your goals.
I am sooooooooooooo very happy and excited about it. It's going to increase our income and keep us going for the next goal, which I hope to reach at least by May. It's so amazing. I never knew that you could REALLY work from home and REALLY do something that could TRULY change your life. It's very...over-whelming. I just wish I would of known about this years ago. I could be exactly where I want to be right now! However, I will count my blessings that it has happened and will continue to happen. There are some wonderful people in my life that has helped me build this business and I've never met them face to face. It is the truth........... that you never really know what or who is going to come into your life and influence it and change it. It's so even scary to think that I could of said no, or been too afraid to take the chance...... I can't belive how decisions that you make in life can affect you for the rest of your life. WOW ----- definately want to be a careful decision maker and not jump the gun too quick or assume anything. Everything should be completely thought out so that you make all the right decisions in life.

As for the other part of my roller coaster of husband is going to have surgery tomorrow. For whatever reason, I am really scared about it. I have been so busy working, he has been so busy working and now this fear has set into me that I am so scared to have something go wrong. 1 out of 200 of these surgeries can go wrong. What the heck does that mean.......what increases or decreases your odds. It's a double edge sword. He can't NOT have the surgery because he has been living in very excruciating (sp) pain for a very long time and having to take meds just to function. So, he can't keep living with this pain....however, I can't live without him.
He is exactly the reason that I am where I am, and who I am........
Over 20 years of being together now....... its gone by so fast. 100 years wouldn't be long enough......
Well....... ok, I need to just set my fears aside and wait and hope.


Anonymous Dianne said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal Dawn! I know you've been working very hard .. you deserve it gf :)

Sorry to hear about your husband's surgery - how did it go?

8:51 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Hi Dianne!!

Surgery went great and he is doing really well. It is a HUGE relief to us both. Now he will be home for 2 months, so I'm putting him to work too!!
Thank so much for asking!
Yes! On my way to my next goal now!! :)

10:05 AM  

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