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I am a work at home mom with tons if interests, married with 2 teenage daughters, dogs (labs and a chihuahua), I live in the country and there is not enough hours in my day to do all that I want to do!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

How Rewarding Is Your Job ? Work from home an option?

If you could work from home, would you?
WHY would you want to work from home?
What are your expenses NOT working from home?
What stops you from working from home?

Are you prepared for retirement?
Do you have the money that you need for your childrens college?
Are you prepared if you were to lose your job tomorrow?
How many hours a week are you away from your home and family?
If you could do something that would bring you financial freedom, would you try it?

If I told you that you can work from home, be proud of what you do, help others, and earn an income to
meet your needs and more, that there are NO risks, that we work with a INC 500 company, that we are
with the BBB, and have had over 21 years of consistant growth and that you could improve your life in
MANY ways.................... Would you be willing to take 35 minutes out of your life to hear how all of this is
possible? Is 35 minutes of your time to make a decision to change and better your life something
that you can do?

If so, take just 2 minutes to email me to find out more.